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Bad Ass Bulldog!
MGK Gator Red

I am fortunate to call Mark and Lisa Landers friends and their adorable son, Eli, my little buddy. They are good, honest people with AWESOME American Bulldogs - looks AND ability. Their record in the IWPA - International Weight Pulling Association - and status as source of quality brood stock for other American Bulldog breeders speaks for itself.  Some of the dogs they have produced are:  Action Jackson; Proud Mary; Slammer; Damien; Tulsa; Brahma; Stumpy; Doozey Too; Tyson; Krunch; Buffalo Gal; Winston; Jazz; and Mufasa.  A visit to their home and a helping of their generous and gracious hospitality always invigorates me.  As you may have gathered, I personally do not have anything for sale or anything at stud. If you are interested in buying an American Bulldog, give them a call at 303-648-9811  (Mountain Standard Time). You will not be disappointed in either them or their dogs (pictures and information to follow). 

MGK Half Acre