Ah, bliss...Gas attack!
Death grip!Woe is me


First picture (clockwise from the top left corner), here we have Hobbes Burgett, a staffy bull mix, in the loving embrace of his gracious mistress.  Hobbes lived the good life, for he had a kind owner who showered him with attention, love, tummy rubs, and a diet that made this webmaster jealous.  Yes, all was well in baby Hobbes' world until Marty, Hobbes' owner's SON-IN-LAW came for a visit.  Second pic, Marty tries to kill his mother-in-law's beloved puppy by suffocating it with his socks.  Notice the evil grin on Marty's face.  Third pic, Marty decides that killing Hobbes with gas is too slow and tries to squeeze the life out of him.  Notice Hobbes' tongue sticking out due to the pressure applied by Marty.  Fourth pic, having been rescued from the evil clutches of Marty,  Hobbes is wondering what he has done to deserve such treatment from such a sadist.  Poor puppy.

*please note that Hobbes never suffered ill treatment.  Hobbes is now a BIG-happy-go lucky-lick everything in sight- pup.