Ron, the next zillionaire
Ron Jones with "X"
Here's the infamous Mr. Jones again, in his usual condition, buck naked and out cold.  This ZZ Top wanna be is so odious that "X", the innocent loving puppy you see above (he shall remain anonymous to protect his identity - here at AB Madness, we protect the innocent) is trying to strangle Ron in order to get out of an abusive relationship.  See the shiner on the pup?  Guess who gave it to him.  Unfortunately for the abused pup, thanks to Mr. Jack Daniels (1.5 liters to be precise), Ron did not feel a thing.  However, Ron did notice that after he awoke, his cold had disappeared. Thinking that he has discovered the cure for the common cold, even as "X" formulates new plans to escape, Ron is trying to figure out what combination of warm puppy on throat and what quantity of Jack Daniels and other factors is the cure.  Ron is still working on it but he tells me that tentatively, he thinks plenty of rest, fluids, warmth, and good food will cure the cold.  He is keeping confidential the exact ratio.  Only drawback:  be sure to use a puppy that is housebroken - Ron found out the hard (or should we say, "wet") way.  Mr. Jones has asked me to help his company, Biker's Cold Cure and Other Stuff, Inc., go public as soon as he zeros in on the exact formula for his cold remedy.  Any investors out there? 

By the way, Ron has recently informed me that he has the cold cure down pat.  However, he cautions that one must utilize a housebroken puppy.  Ron only realized this when people informed him that the smell from his armpits was even more disagreeable than usual.

ZZ Top
Another Picture of Mr. Jones and Tugger

You can tell from this picture just how big Tugger is (assuming that Ron is not a midget).  On this bright and sunny day, Ron decided to get a shave and impersonate the clean shaven (relatively speaking) member of ZZ Top.

Look at the head on this boy!
Sara Jones with Chopper

This lovely girl is Ron's daughter (yes, Ron Jones fans, Ron has already contributed to the gene pool).  Sara is posing with another American Bulldog belonging to Ron, Chopper. 

Lynn Andrade's Canus Lupus Bud

The picture above of our free spirited friend should contribute significantly to dispelling some persistent myths about wolves and wolf dogs.  I don't about you folks but ol' wolfy sure does look as if he loves that teddy. 
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