Here is a picture of a BIG boy, Tugger D. Bulldog, owned by Ron Jones.  Ron's a funny guy.  You can see more pictures of Tugger and evidence of Ron's humor at his website .

Pictured above is GWK's Big Jake Farneti. Jake is Crimson's Muscles x Crimson's Ruby Farneti (THE Ruby). You can see more pictures of Jake and Tim Phaneuf's other American Bulldogs at Tim's website 

Here we have Ozwald of Nobility Kennels who belongs to Kim Holden.  Ozzie believes that he would be better off practicing law rather than catching wild boar or bad guys [you are WRONG - webmaster].  Thus, Ozzie is practicing the single most important aspect of being a lawyer:  LOOKING like a lawyer.  All Ozzie has to do now is wear some pants and stop humping anything that moves. Guess who his role model is? (hint: comes from Arkansas...)

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