If only I could speak...
 Terra @12 months with her cap on. Not too happy about it either.
BTW, the cap has a picture of a bulldog on the front.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Puppy!
Terra @4 months. 
Look at the muscles 
on this pup!
Terra was an extremely loving puppy.  HIGH prey drive, very dominant with other dogs.  She is out of  Rattler  ("Chance" in the first Homeward Bound movie by Disney) and a Freddie Kruegger (appearance in the movie Bingo) daughter named  Zena .  Our own Hollywood prodigy!  Very intelligent and easily trainable.  You could tell from this age that she was going to be a muscular girl. 
I Will Eat Your Lunch!
Terra @12 months.  Still growing!

Terra was a bigger gyp by the age of one than we expected and of course, she still hadn't stopped growing.  Because of her natural muscularity, people who saw her assumed that (1) she was a male and (2) that I made her pull weights.  Unfortunately, I never did do any significant weightpulling with her.  She was  tested on wild boar though.  Very sweet dog with her family members.  I think I took this picture the morning after she caught an opposum in our backyard.  Anyone that has ever had an opposum release its musk in their backyard would know that my family did not wake up to a very nice smell that morning. 
Finally stopped growing!
Terra @24 months.  All filled out!
Terra at maturity.  She is a big, atheletic, muscular girl.  She reminds me a lot of her grandfather, Freddie Kruegger.  Loves people (except intruders) and is gentle with kids.  Can be trusted alone with kids.  VERY HIGH pain tolerance level.  She weighs around 90lbs. in shape. 

Terra as a puppy, showing off her youthful feminine figure.