What a profile!
Spanky @10 months


Watch out! Coming through!
Spanky @ 3 months
This picture is very symbolic:  Spanky was my first American Bulldog, i.e., I entered the American Bulldog with this pup.  When I picked him up at the airport, I was hooked with American Bulldogs.  In Spanky, I saw all the potentials for this great breed and the great innate qualities of the Johnson type of American Bulldog.  Even at this age, he was showing his protection instincts.  Off our property, he loved everyone. 


Spanky @ 10 weeks
Spanky taking one of his puppy naps.  I got him from Mark and Lisa Landers of Mountain Gator Kennels when he was around 10 weeks old.  It was love at first sight when the family saw Spanky for the first time after I brought him home from the airport.  Look at him.  How could anyone resist this pup?! Spanky also had a great temperment. True protector - he impressed/terrified agitators - who could be trusted with children.


Spanky @10 months
Here's a side profile of Spanky.  You can see that he no longer looks like a puppy but he hasn't really filled out yet either.  Just a handsome teenager.  It was around this time that Spanky starting having the size to match his protective instincts and he terrified "intruders".  I think he weighed around 90lbs. at this point.  With the Spankster around, the family felt safe and secure.


Spanky @10 weeks


Unfortunately, Spanky is no longer with us.  He was very loved by our family and friends.  He loved those close to his heart and they adored him in return.  People still talk about how he used to dunk his butt in the swimming pool in the summer time and how he had this grin of relief on his face as he sat there for HOURS.  Out of all the dogs we have owned, he is still the one most fondly remembered and thought of.  Rest in peace buddy, you deserve it.