Notice: EVERYTHING in this section of American Bulldog Madness is my personal opinion regarding the American Bulldog scene, particular dogs, lines, breeders, events, and other matters related to the American Bulldog.
To Dock or Not to Dock
As usual, I find the answer to one of the great questions (whether or not to dock an American Bulldog's tail) in a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.  Does the tail serve a purpose or is it a liability?  Is the tail on an American Bulldog a "necktie for the butt" as Calvin so succinctly put it?  Some wild boar hunters (and wild boar hunter wanna be's) dock the tail because they feel the bulldog would be better off with a docked tail.  A friend of mine that hunts wild boar every single chance he gets does not dock the tail and never has had a problem.  Of course, I did see a boar grab an APBT by the tail once.  Also, I think most of the American Bulldog standards discourage the docking of tails (but I am not sure on this point because of the "dynamic" nature of some of the breed standards and I frankly do not care to keep up with the "improvements" on the standard).  I personally prefer the natural look.  A dog wagging its tail at the sight of its master is one of the ingredients of dog ownership in my book.  So I guess the tail is a "necktie for the butt" - to each his own. 

Good For a Laugh
It seems a gentleman (who shall remain anonymous) was concerned about the weight of his American Bulldog pup.  He thought she was too light.  He even thought about calling up the breeder and asking for a refund because the puppy was so light.  He had weighed her by lifting her in his arms and then stepping on the scale himself.  It turns out that he himself had gotten around 20lbs. heavier since the last time he had weighed himself.  Upon discovering his new weight, he added the additional 20lbs. to his pup and was very content with her weight.
What is a "Great" Breeding?
What is a "great" breeding?  I ask this question because I am frequently asked by newcomers to the breed about the "great" Woody x Sheena breeding.  Woody x Sheena produced THREE (3) very nice dogs, Freddie Kruegger, White Fang, and Gator Red - all from different litters.  How many other Woody x Sheena pups have you heard about?  I've already raved about the Dozer x Ruby breeding.  Here are three more breedings - in no particular order - which in my opinion truly are GREAT breedings and like the Dozer x Ruby breedings, qualify as a "Time Machine Breeding", i.e., one wishes one had access to a time machine, in my book:  (a) MGK Gator Red x MGK She's a Doozey - in ONE litter (three pups total in that litter), Action Jackson, Slammer and Proud Mary;  (b) Blackwell's Polar Bear x Blackwell's Black Eyed Susan produced in ONE litter, Deacon, Preacher, Otis, Studley Do Right, and Dixie;  and (c) Johnson's Dick the Bruiser 2 ("Tiny") x Blackwell's Black Eyed Susan produced in ONE litter, Bubba, Tuggs, Spike, and Abby.  By the way, Doozey and Tiny are both Dozer x Ruby offspring.  Notice a pattern here folks?  GREAT dogs produce GREAT dogs.  Food for thought for all the would be breeders out there.   

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