Notice: EVERYTHING in this section of American Bulldog Madness is my personal opinion regarding the American Bulldog scene, particular dogs, lines, breeders, events, and other matters related to the American Bulldog.
American Bulldog Breeders
                This Calvin and Hobbes cartoon reminded me, I do not know why ;), of
                certain (you know WHAT you are) American Bulldog breeders.
Breeding Practices
There are some horrific and terrible breeding practices in the American Bulldog scene.  

I. Certain breeders are selling first generation mixed breed dogs and their offspring as "American Bulldogs".  While I personally do not oppose an individual's right to make breedings of his/her choice, I do object to misrepresentations and falsification (to speak nothing of the prices being charged for these mutts).  Apparently, some of these indivduals feel that the result of their breedings are "American Bulldogs" while others feel that they are "improving" the breed.  In most cases, they do not care or acknowledge the long term adverse affect their "contribution" to the American Bulldog gene pool has on American Bulldogs.  Of course, NONE of these people are concerned with making money.

This is definitely a case of buyer beware.  My belief, if you want a pitbullmastiff (a result of breeding a pit bull and a bullmastiff), large pitbull, english bulldog and pitbull cross, or boxer cross, buy one advertised as such.  You will save a lot of money.  If you really want to tell people you own an American Bulldog, just go right ahead.  Others have done so already. 

II.  Breeding the first male and female American Bulldogs a "breeder" gets his/her hands on - obviously a simple case of greed.  Look at both the parents, if they are BOTH fine specimens obviously no problem.  If one or both of them looks and/or acts like crap....



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