Notice:  EVERYTHING in this section of American Bulldog Madness is my personal opinion regarding the American Bulldog scene, particular dogs, lines, breeders, events, and other matters related to the American Bulldog.
Things to Celebrate
American Bulldog Breeders
First, an acknowledgement for Mr. John D. Johnson.  In my opinion, Mr. Johnson is responsible for the existence of the American Bulldog.  It was Mr. Johnson who made an effort after World War II to gather specimens of the breed and ensure its survival.  Other breeders did make sporadic contributions to the breed decades afterwards but only Mr. Johnson devoted his life and made the personal sacrifices for the breed he so genuinely loves for such a continous and long period of time.  ALL American Bulldog fans owe this fine gentleman their gratitude.  It is Mr. Johnson's line of American Bulldogs which is known for "bulldog" temperment. 
Mr. David Farneti.  Mr. Farneti is responsible for what I consider to be the most influential modern breeding:  Crimson's Dozer x Crimson's Ruby.  This breeding produced Elrod, Dick the Bruiser II, Dick the Cruiser, Whitie, BamBam, Doozey, Tug O' War and other great dogs and they in turn produced other great dogs.  This is one of the breedings which makes me wish I had access to a time machine.  I recently had the honor and pleasure of gettting to know Mr. Farneti.  He is intelligent, honest and very helpful.  He has been and will be a great asset to the American Bulldog community.  Recently, Mr. Farneti decided to re-enter the American Bulldog scene.  Welcome back and best wishes!
Mr. John Blackwell.  Mr. Blackwell is an intelligent, witty and honest gentleman with a wealth of knowledge about American Bulldogs and dogs in general.  I always come away from a conversation with him with a smile on my face and a little more knowledge.  He is a breeder for breeders.  He bred GREAT dogs, Bubba, Deacon, Tuggs, Preacher, Studley Do Right, etc., year in, year out.  Mr. Blackwell has his own  website .
Mark and Lisa Landers.  A source of the foundation stock for many of the well known kennels.  There is some more information about them on a page I created for them and their kennel,  Mountain Gator Kennels .


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