(continued from  previous page ) Below, in the center, is a picture of one of my foundation studs, St. Croix the Great (I renamed the dogs since I have problems with Korean names).   Isn't he gorgeous?!  St. Croix, like most MBOs, had his ears cropped and tail docked to prevent lacerations and give him more freedom in fights with the vicious field rats.  Now note the second picture.  That is a picture of a MBO taken over 80 years ago.  Now look at the last picture, one of St. Croix's daughters.  Note the consistency.  How many AKC breeds can claim such consistency over such a period of time? 
St. Croix the Great
An MBO circa 1916

Here is a bulldog that has been bred for nothing but performance for over a century!  The so-called "Performance" ABs are like slugs compared to a MBO!  Moreover, the benefits of having a MBO are numerous:  be unique with an extremely rare dog;  they eat less;  in the same amount of space, you can raise many times more dogs;  being smaller, they handle the heat better; and finally, if you want a small bulldog that can do bitework for long periods of time, the MBO is the ideal bulldog for you!  Fixated on having a bulldog that can catch wild boar? Seriously, what will most of you folks be concerned about - a wild boar infestation or rat infestation?  Thus, which bulldog is better for you?  I thought so!  Still have doubts?  Are you wondering why YOU never heard of the existence of the MBO before now?  Just recently, the dog lovers in the West are beginning to learn about the Jindo dog of Korea.  Korea did not get the nickname "The Hermit Kingdom" for nothing!  Be one of the first to own a MBO! 
The standard for the MBO, as drafted by Mr. Kim and translated by me, is as follows:[*] 
I want to take this opportunity to inform everybody that there is no truth to the rumors about French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Chihuahuas (all of which are mighty abundant in Korea) being the basis of  my breeding program.  French Bulldogs may have some MBO blood in them but not vice versa.  As for those rumors about MBOs with long hair cropping up now and then, they're just that - rumors.  I did not put Maltese into my line (thus, the long hair) for the white color. As everyone knows, bulldogs, including MBOs, are naturally white. I did not have to put the white color in.  Besides, even IF an occasional MBO cropped up with long hair, it does not show Maltese influence.  It's just their natural reaction to the cold winters of Korea.  The winds blowing down from Siberia are mighty cold.  Ask the Korean War vets how cold Korea can get.  The nerve of the people that accuse me of having brood stock composed of primarily a mixture of French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Chihuahuas instead of pure bulldogs!   St. Croix the Great is PURE bulldog!  ABSOLUTELY no French Bulldog blood in that mighty rat killer!  BTW, have you ever tried to breed an AB to a Chihuahua?! Believe you me, it is EXTREMELY difficult!  What really upsets me is the accusation that I have terrier (via Boston Terriers) blood in my dogs!  There is NO terrier blood in the MBOs from the Kim family line.  I will shortly post pictures of the rest of my  foundation stock of which I have three major lines:  "Paris" line - St. Croix the Great, Pierre, Jacque, Pepe, Fifi, and Mademoiselle;  "Massachusetts" line - Ted Williams, Yaz, Red Sox, Harvard, Tea Party, and Naked Eye; and "Montezuma" line - Taco, Tequilla, Dos Equis, Corona, Juanita, Margarita, Chichita, Hey Macarena, and ChiChi.  Please note that my Paris line is also referred to occasionally as the "Arrogant Ingrate" line.  An important contributor to the MBO breed was Snow Ball (affectionately called the Abominable Snowman by his fans because of his long flowing white hair), a rat killer supreme and all around great bulldog I found on someone's porch near St. Croix Mountain.  Some great dogs on my yard right now, Boob Biter, Breast Blitzer, Kazonga Killer, Hooter Hater, Jug Jilter, Mammary Mauler, Nipple Nazi, Sweater Meat Slicer & Murderer, and Titty Terminator, were the result of Montezuma line females bred to Paris line males - dogs "running" with flair. 
The pain, the pain. 
Boob Biter @16 months.  Neck still slightly injured  
from the "incident".

Are they heading this way again?! 
Mammary Mauler @18 months.  Still shy about rising completely off the ground after the "incident".

Health Risks:  fortunately the MBO is an unspoiled working breed and does not have any genetic defects which plague so many of the other breeds of dogs.  The only problem which you may encounter with an MBO is being mobbed by admirers as you take your MBO for a walk!  Some MBOs are known to drown during Korea's monsoon season when the water level in the rice paddies exceeds 4 inches.  Also, please be careful of well-endowed women jogging near your MBO - they have been known to knock a MBO clear off the sidewalk.  Because of the sturdy and muscular build of a MBO, they cannot get seriously injured in such a manner but there is the potential that after repeated incidents, they may become breast fear/hate biters.  Please note that none of my dogs are breast fear/hate biters.  A MBO provoked into anger is a terrible sight to behold and you would not wish to unleash such savage fury on any breast - large or small, natural or surgically enhanced.  If for some reason your MBO gets silicone gel poisoning, please contact me immediately for remedies.  (continued...) 
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